Otto The Blood Bath

This Kenyan movie is about a family torn between selling off their fathers land against the patriarch’s wishes. The children of the man’s first wife refuse to obey his wish and decide to bury him at the Langata Cemetery in Nairobi so that they can kick the second wife and her mute son out and enjoy the proceeds. That s when the horror begins….

The first Kenyan Horror film! Banned by the Kenyan Censorship Board as too horrific even to an adult and that contains too much blood and dead bodies!

You can just watch the trailer but the producers, Jitu Films, have to wait for the ban to be lifted before they release it.

Matatu Girl

FRIDA, a young modern Kenyan girl just got accepted to the University, a dream that she was after for sometime now. But her father refuses to pay the tuition fees, as he wants his daughter to get married and become a housewife like every “good Kenyan girl”. Despite her father’s refusal FRIDA starts searching secretly for a part time job in order to gather money for her fees. After many unsuccessful job interviews FRIDA, in a desperate move, accepts a job offer as a Matatu tout.

Frida is played by Jackie Nyaminde. The cast also includes Samuel Odoyo, Kevin Onyango, Boniface Loppoh and Lulu Abdallah Said. It is directed by Billy Mbilikimo and written by Wanjiru Kairu. Matatu girl is a modern Kenyan comedy.

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This short Kenyan movie follows the life of John a college student who having lived among smokers – his parents, and his college roommate comes face to face with the adverse effects of cigarette smoking. His father abused him when he was a child by burning him with cigarettes and he grows up in fear, eventually affecting his social life.

Emancipation was awarded best actor award 2006 at the Kenya Film Festival and was also selected to represent Kenya at the Sithengi Film Festival Cape Town in 2006.

The director, Mary Migui got her BA in Communicatons at Daystar University, Nairobi. She has directed numerous short films, features, documentaries, TV series and music videos.


Roho is a Kenyan short movie about two identical twins living in poverty in the sprawling slums of Kibera in Nairobi. The story tries to say that crime and poverty are directly proportionate to each other.

Miss Mboch

She’s naive and far behind the 21st century, how will she cope when she gets a job at a middle class family home as a nanny? Will it still be home sweet home?

Miss Mboch is a Kenyan movie about the hilarious life of a maid working in the big city.


LEO is a charming and beguiling adult fairy-tale set in Nairobi, a Metropolitan City in Kenya that is a melting pot of East African culture, art, politics and commerce. It is a story about Maasai boy, raised in a low-income home, achieving his dream against all odds.

The Kenyan movie, Leo, is a simple story that captures the essence of a child’s heart still open to all the posssibilities of achieving his dream in “Kenya” Africa.

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Selfish?? – the Kenyan movie – is about two pregnant ladies; one who has the baby and one who aborts the child before she gives birth. Which one of the two was really selfish to either keep or get rid of the baby? You decide.

Selfish?? follows the lives of two women; ANGELA, an advertising executive and MERCY, a part time model. Both fall pregnant and choose different paths; one to keep the baby, the other ABORTION. Are Angela and Mercy really SELFISH or is it the people who influence their decision?

Selfish - Kenyan Movie

Selfish - Kenyan Movie

Zeinabu Rudi Nyumbani

Zeinabu who is the wife of Dedan is stolen by another man. She had been living happily with her husband until Kavila, a rich man from the city, visits their home.

But life on the other side is not as promising as Zeinabu had expected. She finds herself in a tight spot after Kavila has had his fill with her. He batters her and leaves her at the hands of his merciless mother who turns her into a slave.

On the other end, Dedan is sinking deeper into sorrow after losing his wife. He tries to numb his pain with alcohol and gets into brawls at the local pubs before retiring to a quiet house and a cold bed at the end of the day.

The mood of the film is set with background music played by Lulu Abdulla Said and live performances by Eric Wainaina.

Josephine Kamwenga who plays the role of Zeinabu said, “I enjoyed acting in this film since it is a story that Kenyans can relate to. We all like to be told stories from which we can derive moral molding from and this is just that kind of story.”

Zeinabu Rudi Nyumbani is a Kenyan romantic drama movie.

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Zeinabu – Josephine Kamwenga
Dedan – Joseph Kinuthia
Kavila – Mwadulo Mwadulo

The Captain of Nakara

Afraid of losing the woman of his dreams, a young man with a criminal record pretends to own a profitable market stall. His honest attempts to turn his lies into reality fail, due to the ubiquitous local corruption. Wearing a stolen military uniform, he manages to succeed in defending his rights and his happiness – and ends up elected as Kwetu’s president!

The Captain of Nakara is a classic Kenyan romantic comedy!