Zeinabu Rudi Nyumbani

Zeinabu who is the wife of Dedan is stolen by another man. She had been living happily with her husband until Kavila, a rich man from the city, visits their home.

But life on the other side is not as promising as Zeinabu had expected. She finds herself in a tight spot after Kavila has had his fill with her. He batters her and leaves her at the hands of his merciless mother who turns her into a slave.

On the other end, Dedan is sinking deeper into sorrow after losing his wife. He tries to numb his pain with alcohol and gets into brawls at the local pubs before retiring to a quiet house and a cold bed at the end of the day.

The mood of the film is set with background music played by Lulu Abdulla Said and live performances by Eric Wainaina.

Josephine Kamwenga who plays the role of Zeinabu said, “I enjoyed acting in this film since it is a story that Kenyans can relate to. We all like to be told stories from which we can derive moral molding from and this is just that kind of story.”

Zeinabu Rudi Nyumbani is a Kenyan romantic drama movie.

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Zeinabu – Josephine Kamwenga
Dedan – Joseph Kinuthia
Kavila – Mwadulo Mwadulo


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