Wale Watu

Paul and Mary are two people who are from different tribes and deeply in love. Their families share a close relationship and everything looks well for their wedding.

However, with the out break of the post-election violence. Dr. Sawega, Paul’s father, loses his clinic and his brother through arson.

Stoked by politicians and tribalists, things get tense between the two families and the entire nation. Wale watu is a Kenyan movie about how the 2007/2008 post-election violence tears up a family, and a whole nation.

Et Cetera Productions and Sisimka Productions.
Supported by the Kenya Film Commission.

Sita Kimya

The Kenyan movie Sita Kimya echoes the message ‘I will not be silent on sexual and gender based violence’ and was made by FilmAid in Kibera, Kenya’s largest slum in partnership with local residents. The recent screenings in Mathare are a continuation of a gender based violence campaign centered around the Sita Kimya film initiated in Kibera last year.
So far the project has directly reached 40,000 residents.

Blood Honeymoon

Three childhood friends decide to marry their beloved ones on the same day. A promise that they did when they were kids. Now after the ceremony they are off to their common honeymoon. But on their way to the honeymoon country lodge they get lost and end up in a old colonial house where the friendly but weird hosts, who are hunters, seem a bit forgotten in time.

It’s not late before our heroes realize that what the hunters are after its not animals but them! Blood Honeymoon is a great Kenyan thriller with lots of suspense, nice locations and brilliant cinematography and of course acting.

Kibera Kid

Teachers, professors, community organizers and religious groups have used KIBERA KID to connect with the reality of everyday life in Kibera, Africa’s largest slum.

How do children and young people survive in Kibera?
What choices do they have?

The Story
Otieno, a twelve year old orphan living in Kibera, Kenya, Africa’s largest slum, lives with the Razors gang, his substitute family. Otieno has to choose between a life of crime or redemption.

KIBERA KID was shot entirely on location in Kibera, with a cast from Kibera. KIBERA KID has won seven international awards, including the prestigious student EMMY, has been screened at 38 international film festivals and has been featured by media throughout the world.

The Devil Dentist

The Devil Dentist is a Kenyan movie set in Nairobi, Kenya. Edwar Gold, head of “Crystal Gold”, a South African dental company, wants to quickly dominate the Kenyan Market. In order to achieve that, he and his family take advantage of Dr. Karau, an old dentist and scientist, by stealing his secret formula of an oral spray he was planning to sell to them at an exorbitant price.

When Dr. Karau finds out that he was betrayed, he decides to take revenge and eliminate the Gold family by using on them one of his inventions that holds supernatural powers …

Good Fortune

Good Fortune is a provocative exploration of how massive international efforts to alleviate poverty in Africa may be undermining the very communities they aim to benefit. In Kenyas rural countryside, Jacksons farm is being flooded by an American investor who hopes to alleviate poverty by creating a multimillion-dollar rice farm. Across the country in Nairobi, Silvas home and business in Africas largest shantytown are being demolished as part of a U.N. slum-upgrading project. The gripping stories of two Kenyans battling to save their homes from large-scale development present a unique opportunity see foreign aid through eyes of the people it is intended to help.

R2 Security

R2 Security is a Kenyan movie about two mafia boyz who flee to Kenya. With local contact, Sam Odongo, they set up R2 security to protect Sam’s new wife and wealthy step family.

Sidelined son Alex, who loathes his new step father, becomes suspicious that the R2 are not there only to offer security but are running some mysterious business. Things get worse for Alex when he falls for his stepfather’s …

Chasing Moses

MOSES (The good) is a poor breadwinner who is out trying to earn some money to feed his family. TRIGGER (The bad) is an ex mercenary and heavy drinker who always commits to a task and sees it through, as long as he is paid to do so. And JITU is the mighty mafia boss who pays TRIGGER to kill MOSES because he insulted the most precious thing JITU had…

Chasing Moses is modern Kenyan “western” movie that takes us to a trip from Nairobi slums to rural Kenya and back. This classic suspense film, about one man’s dramatic flight from a violent man to ultimate justice, starring Joseph Kamau Kinuthia (Mob Doc, Zeinabu Rudi Nyumbani), Simon J Smithers (Mob Doc) and Philip Chege (R2 Security) is directed by Alexandros Konstantaras and was shot on location in Nairobi, Kibera and Olorigesaille.

Bwanangu Mureshi

MURESHI, a semi-retired policeman spends more time with his mistress in the local bar than with his wife at home. All that until both his wife and his senior officer give him a last warning to change his attitude. Will Mureshi pull up his socks or will he continue his flamboyant lifestyle?

Bwanangu Mureshi is brutally honest.