The Return of Lazarus

Two brothers, Lazarus (Alexandros Koch) and Kiriakos (Nelson Lucas), set for a road trip in Maronia, Northern Greece, in order to find the mythical cave of the Cyclops where King Maron used to hide his wine. According to the myth if you drink from this wine you gain the eternal youth. Kiriakos wants to become young again in order to rejoin the Boy Scouts after they expelled him recently for life. Lazarus is trying to find himself after losing his job, his house while he still hopes to bring back his divorced wife, whom he still loves. On their journey they meet different people including King’ora (Lizz NJagah), a Kenyan woman who works in a local hotel. Very soon sparks begin to fly between her and Kiriakos.

The Return of Lazarus is the first feature film Alexandros shot in Greece. The edit of the movie will start in November and the aim is to premier it next year both in Greece and Kenya. The film is a Greek movie with a Kenyan touch.

Source: Jitu Films press release.

Mob Doc

Mob Doc is a Kenyan movie about Dr McCartney – a doctor who is struck off because of his alcoholism and is kidnapped by a Nairobi gang that turns him into their physician while feeding his habit. In order to stay alive the doctor must cure the Mob Boss (Joseph Kinuthia) whose sex life is threatened.


Mob Doc - Kenyan movie

Mob Doc - Kenyan movie

The Doctor Simon J Smithers
Medical Board David Mulwa Francis Mang’ana
Alex Davaric
Mafia Boss Joseph Kinuthia
Nurse Helena Waithera
1st Patient Evelyn Kahungu
2nd Patient Kamau Bob
3rd PatientValentine Wanjiru
The Boys Charles Kang’ethe
Ragos Gitau
Boniface Loppoh
Samuel Odoyo
SurgeonIan Kaburu
Lollipop GirlsRuth Mueni
Lulu Abdallah Said
The Doc’s Wife Lydia Gitachu

Matatu Girl

FRIDA, a young modern Kenyan girl just got accepted to the University, a dream that she was after for sometime now. But her father refuses to pay the tuition fees, as he wants his daughter to get married and become a housewife like every “good Kenyan girl”. Despite her father’s refusal FRIDA starts searching secretly for a part time job in order to gather money for her fees. After many unsuccessful job interviews FRIDA, in a desperate move, accepts a job offer as a Matatu tout.

Frida is played by Jackie Nyaminde. The cast also includes Samuel Odoyo, Kevin Onyango, Boniface Loppoh and Lulu Abdallah Said. It is directed by Billy Mbilikimo and written by Wanjiru Kairu. Matatu girl is a modern Kenyan comedy.

Unfortunately no trailer is available at this time.

Miss Mboch

She’s naive and far behind the 21st century, how will she cope when she gets a job at a middle class family home as a nanny? Will it still be home sweet home?

Miss Mboch is a Kenyan movie about the hilarious life of a maid working in the big city.

The Captain of Nakara

Afraid of losing the woman of his dreams, a young man with a criminal record pretends to own a profitable market stall. His honest attempts to turn his lies into reality fail, due to the ubiquitous local corruption. Wearing a stolen military uniform, he manages to succeed in defending his rights and his happiness – and ends up elected as Kwetu’s president!

The Captain of Nakara is a classic Kenyan romantic comedy!

R2 Security

R2 Security is a Kenyan movie about two mafia boyz who flee to Kenya. With local contact, Sam Odongo, they set up R2 security to protect Sam’s new wife and wealthy step family.

Sidelined son Alex, who loathes his new step father, becomes suspicious that the R2 are not there only to offer security but are running some mysterious business. Things get worse for Alex when he falls for his stepfather’s …

Chasing Moses

MOSES (The good) is a poor breadwinner who is out trying to earn some money to feed his family. TRIGGER (The bad) is an ex mercenary and heavy drinker who always commits to a task and sees it through, as long as he is paid to do so. And JITU is the mighty mafia boss who pays TRIGGER to kill MOSES because he insulted the most precious thing JITU had…

Chasing Moses is modern Kenyan “western” movie that takes us to a trip from Nairobi slums to rural Kenya and back. This classic suspense film, about one man’s dramatic flight from a violent man to ultimate justice, starring Joseph Kamau Kinuthia (Mob Doc, Zeinabu Rudi Nyumbani), Simon J Smithers (Mob Doc) and Philip Chege (R2 Security) is directed by Alexandros Konstantaras and was shot on location in Nairobi, Kibera and Olorigesaille.

Me, My Wife and Her Guru

Me, My Wife and Her Guru is a Kenyan movie in which Steve (Alexandros Konstantaras) is happily married to Angela (Lizz Njagah), a very successful and upcoming TV presenter. But what happens when his wife starts complaining about his outgoing lifestyle while in the same time she shows unusual interest to a religious Guru (Ian Mbugua) whose P.A. ( Millicent Wambui) dances to his flute? To make things worst Steve gets kidnapped by two not very smart thugs…

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