Simiyu Samurai

This Kenyan movie is about Boniface Simiyu who goes to Samurai school in Japan and then has to return after that country suffers one of its many tsunamis.

On his arrival in Kenya Simiyu is received by the warm love of his Grandmother Naomi and his little cousin. However, there is trouble, he gets into an altercation with goons who run a protection racket in his home village where his grandmother is a trader. After an almighty fight he is given a choice by the goons; surrender or his grandma and his new love (Zinzy) interest get machetted.

In an interesting turn of events, the movie ends as the audience is asked to vote by SMS on how the movie should proceed. The series can be followed (and watched for free) on the show website The hope is that the show can engage the audience and earn revenues by employing this method.

What are you waiting for? Go watch the movie: Simiyu Samurai.

Mob Doc

Mob Doc is a Kenyan movie about Dr McCartney – a doctor who is struck off because of his alcoholism and is kidnapped by a Nairobi gang that turns him into their physician while feeding his habit. In order to stay alive the doctor must cure the Mob Boss (Joseph Kinuthia) whose sex life is threatened.


Mob Doc - Kenyan movie

Mob Doc - Kenyan movie

The Doctor Simon J Smithers
Medical Board David Mulwa Francis Mang’ana
Alex Davaric
Mafia Boss Joseph Kinuthia
Nurse Helena Waithera
1st Patient Evelyn Kahungu
2nd Patient Kamau Bob
3rd PatientValentine Wanjiru
The Boys Charles Kang’ethe
Ragos Gitau
Boniface Loppoh
Samuel Odoyo
SurgeonIan Kaburu
Lollipop GirlsRuth Mueni
Lulu Abdallah Said
The Doc’s Wife Lydia Gitachu


Roho is a Kenyan short movie about two identical twins living in poverty in the sprawling slums of Kibera in Nairobi. The story tries to say that crime and poverty are directly proportionate to each other.

R2 Security

R2 Security is a Kenyan movie about two mafia boyz who flee to Kenya. With local contact, Sam Odongo, they set up R2 security to protect Sam’s new wife and wealthy step family.

Sidelined son Alex, who loathes his new step father, becomes suspicious that the R2 are not there only to offer security but are running some mysterious business. Things get worse for Alex when he falls for his stepfather’s …

Chasing Moses

MOSES (The good) is a poor breadwinner who is out trying to earn some money to feed his family. TRIGGER (The bad) is an ex mercenary and heavy drinker who always commits to a task and sees it through, as long as he is paid to do so. And JITU is the mighty mafia boss who pays TRIGGER to kill MOSES because he insulted the most precious thing JITU had…

Chasing Moses is modern Kenyan “western” movie that takes us to a trip from Nairobi slums to rural Kenya and back. This classic suspense film, about one man’s dramatic flight from a violent man to ultimate justice, starring Joseph Kamau Kinuthia (Mob Doc, Zeinabu Rudi Nyumbani), Simon J Smithers (Mob Doc) and Philip Chege (R2 Security) is directed by Alexandros Konstantaras and was shot on location in Nairobi, Kibera and Olorigesaille.

Killer Mmoja

A Kenyan movie about Genge and how it gets 3 musicians in trouble with a very wealthy family because of their daughter’s association to the style of music and the Artists. Coming from a hood background, the musicians dont sit well with an upper class family!

Killer Mmoja is a 2011 African Genge drama film, Directed by Willie Owusu and Produced by Hubert Nakitare and Aleks Kamau .Starring Nonini (the Godfather),Lady Bee (the Queen),Chege Chigunda from (TMK Wanaume),Introducing Hanako,Jaymz Kiama,Mustapha,Sandra,Stephanie and Danny.

Formula X

Formula X is a story that revolves around the twist that befalls a young, brilliant scientist one fateful Friday in Nairobi, Kenya. FRANK, 29 the main character drives home with LISA ,24 , his secretary . As he shows her around his fabulous new house, he meets JUMA a paid criminal that was sent to his house by a long time business rival to steal what could become the most expensive vaccine in medical history. The plot thickens when Franks’ wife, CINDY, 25, returns home after her business flight is cancelled and finds the trio in her living room. The confrontation and unfolding drama of betrayal and deceit is told in a fast paced narrative style that reveals the inner chaos of characters seeking love, money, fulfillment and vengeance in a modern, African capital city.

Formula X features notable cameos by local celebrities such as Karma, Gich Boy, Nonini, and Chris Kirubi among other surprises. They are superbly cast to play their roles and take this movie told in a nonlinear fashion to new heights in Kenyan cinema. The soundtrack will be released along with the movie through SoulChild records. It features some new tracks from Lady B as well as some previously slept on tracks such as “Kilio” by JOGG C that will prove to be a hit. The movie is a co-production between Light Media and Serengeti Studio