Otto The Blood Bath

This Kenyan movie is about a family torn between selling off their fathers land against the patriarch’s wishes. The children of the man’s first wife refuse to obey his wish and decide to bury him at the Langata Cemetery in Nairobi so that they can kick the second wife and her mute son out and enjoy the proceeds. That s when the horror begins….

The first Kenyan Horror film! Banned by the Kenyan Censorship Board as too horrific even to an adult and that contains too much blood and dead bodies!

You can just watch the trailer but the producers, Jitu Films, have to wait for the ban to be lifted before they release it.


  1. the kenyan horror is gothic

  2. Laura mole says:

    If we have to boost film in Kenya,then i guess we have to forget about some trivial issues like the film is too horrific,c’mon!so that means Kenya will never produce any film in the genre of horror…if you feel you are scared then dont watch we are out here to lift kenyan film industry,and there are so many eyes to watch

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