Malooned! Trailer 1

From homegrown talent, director Bob Nyanja, comes an original Kenyan movie – Malooned. Di (Gabriella Mutia) is “28”, beautiful, intelligent, c From homegrown talent, director Bob Nyanja, comes an original Kenyan film. Di (Gabriella Mutia) is “28”, beautiful, intelligent, confident, and just the tiniest bit spoiled. From their first meeting, Luther (Godfrey Odhiambo) can see nothing makes this woman happy, especially the thought of spending her Easter weekend with him… in a toilet! Trapped together in the ladies of the 15th floor of a Nairobi skyscraper, the two have no choice but to make the best of their forced “vacation”, working together despite their differences; finding in themselves, and each other, a strength untold.

African casinos to visit whilst exploring the continent

With a total of 54 counties, a land mass of over 12 million square miles which is a fifth of the total land mass in the world, and a population that accounts for 15% of all people currently alive, it should come as no surprise that there are a fair number of casinos there. As many countries in Africa are not considered to be particularly safe, if it is your intention to visit casinos in countries such as Angola, Nigeria or even Chad, then you should exercise caution and stick to the main tourist areas. Also bear in mind that in most African casinos gambling is illegal for the locals; it is only available to people with foreign passports.

That said there is no shortage of good casinos; in fact the casino gaming is booming generally. Excellent gambling destinations include Ghana which has the Palm Casino in Accra; and Zimbabwe which has two good casinos, the Montclair Hotel & Casino and the Harare Casino. There are several casinos in Nigeria and tow of the best are located in Lagos; these are the Excelsior Casino Hotel and the Green Lion Casino. In Zambia there is a total of 22 casinos and one of the best of these is the Diamond Casino in Lusaka.

The largest density of casinos in Africa is in South Africa where the casino industry is booming. There are 37 casinos there and a recent survey found that there are a total of 38,000 slot games across the country. Such an impressive amount of games is important considering the amount offered by foreign competition such as online casino Australia.Sun City has a reputation of being one of South Africa’s top casinos, and certainly it is very popular. Adjacent to one of the country’s top professional golf courses and ideally located for embarking on a wild life safari, with four luxury hotels Sun City’s popularity continues to grow.