Togetherness Supreme

TOGETHERNESS SUPREME is a Kenyan movie which is the story of Kamau an artist, Otieno a hustler and their shared love interest for Alice a preachers daughter. All three live in Kibera, East Africa’s largest shantytown home to a million people in Nairobi Kenya. All three are from different tribes but are searching for tribal unity. The film follows these three characters in their quest for change in the community they live in their, fights, challenges and victories. After the Kenya presidential elections Kibera is soon torn apart by conflicting tribal loyalties and so are the three characters.

Simiyu Samurai

This Kenyan movie is about Boniface Simiyu who goes to Samurai school in Japan and then has to return after that country suffers one of its many tsunamis.

On his arrival in Kenya Simiyu is received by the warm love of his Grandmother Naomi and his little cousin. However, there is trouble, he gets into an altercation with goons who run a protection racket in his home village where his grandmother is a trader. After an almighty fight he is given a choice by the goons; surrender or his grandma and his new love (Zinzy) interest get machetted.

In an interesting turn of events, the movie ends as the audience is asked to vote by SMS on how the movie should proceed. The series can be followed (and watched for free) on the show website The hope is that the show can engage the audience and earn revenues by employing this method.

What are you waiting for? Go watch the movie: Simiyu Samurai.

Blood Honeymoon

Three childhood friends decide to marry their beloved ones on the same day. A promise that they did when they were kids. Now after the ceremony they are off to their common honeymoon. But on their way to the honeymoon country lodge they get lost and end up in a old colonial house where the friendly but weird hosts, who are hunters, seem a bit forgotten in time.

It’s not late before our heroes realize that what the hunters are after its not animals but them! Blood Honeymoon is a great Kenyan thriller with lots of suspense, nice locations and brilliant cinematography and of course acting.