Formula X

Formula X is a story that revolves around the twist that befalls a young, brilliant scientist one fateful Friday in Nairobi, Kenya. FRANK, 29 the main character drives home with LISA ,24 , his secretary . As he shows her around his fabulous new house, he meets JUMA a paid criminal that was sent to his house by a long time business rival to steal what could become the most expensive vaccine in medical history. The plot thickens when Franks’ wife, CINDY, 25, returns home after her business flight is cancelled and finds the trio in her living room. The confrontation and unfolding drama of betrayal and deceit is told in a fast paced narrative style that reveals the inner chaos of characters seeking love, money, fulfillment and vengeance in a modern, African capital city.

Formula X features notable cameos by local celebrities such as Karma, Gich Boy, Nonini, and Chris Kirubi among other surprises. They are superbly cast to play their roles and take this movie told in a nonlinear fashion to new heights in Kenyan cinema. The soundtrack will be released along with the movie through SoulChild records. It features some new tracks from Lady B as well as some previously slept on tracks such as “Kilio” by JOGG C that will prove to be a hit. The movie is a co-production between Light Media and Serengeti Studio


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